True Realization

Don’t get distorted or confused with the sound of wave, 
for it speaks from its immortal lifespan.
Don’t get emotional or hyper with the sound of wind passing by swiftly, 
for it roars with the ashes of billions of people who lived before you.
You know what, get distorted, be confused, let your emotion flow, be restless coz we have a limited lifespan!!! It doesn’t matter. Those zillions of lives who lived and died before we were even born, lived without you in the play of existence. Simply Embrace your existence!


Conscious Decisions

At some point or other, be it on a peaceful evening or during a crisis, one is likely to seek understanding of SELF from the point of happiness.
If one has not experienced an extreme chaos, then the understanding is far away. Life keeps moving forward with actions and decisions being made subconsciously.
How many times one consciously look at the sky in a day to seek understanding. Once you know this you will realize the difference.
Its so minute that it may not even make any difference in one’s personal life. But the ultimate understanding of being ALIVE will always be missed. The attitude towards the understanding is due to lack of one’s perception of the reality.
Relative reality is not the ultimate reality. One can choose to embrace the relative reality and simply live on the periphery. That’s what humans have been doing since centuries. Who really wants to choose consciously the path of unknown. Chances of being lost is guaranteed. Chances of going crazy is like 100% sure.
This information is available in one’s mind and this is what guides our actions when one is asleep. One thinks the best thing to to is to be yourself. Bullshit. Fuck you for being such an idiot.
Knowing self one knows that deep within there is nothing which is original .
The personality stays and individuality is missed.
However, people resort to this shit understanding, assuming one knows what this is.
You are just a talking monkey, knows how to read and think. Look into yourself and realize the bubble you live in.
Choosing unknowingly one enters the loop. One goes on and on in a circle and gets trapped.
There are crazier monkeys who fool themselves so good that they start thinking that they really understood the purpose of life.
The ultimate truth of reality is singular and there can be no versions. The relative truth of reality is just the mind. Unemployment, poverty, diseases, crime etc are just the result of embracing the relative truth. So go get fucked because you have already let your mind make decisions for you. The mind will never ever choose the ultimate reality because that’s how things are. Its a dominant feature of mind.
Don’t waste your energy on “why so” because that’s just the nature of how things are.
The best part of traveling the known path is that you can see the end result. One can see what its going to be like at the end. How can one be so blind that we can’t see its just stinking shit at the end of every known path. That leaves us with only one way which is the unknown. Its always going to be blurry until we start moving towards that path.
One simply needs to be conscious and awake while making decisions. So simply witness and stay human!

The Perfect Chaos.

The image of bliss is not what it looks like. It is supposed to liberate to become one again. Infact, it is a total chaos and intensely psychedelic.
A headache which even the feet can feel. Its a world class boxing championship where opponents keep changing every moment. Time is fighting against all the senses.
experiences are fighting against tag team – reality and illusions. Actions being the referee of all matches, decides from where you can enjoy the fight best. Sometimes ‘the you’ observes
under heavy quality zoom and sometimes becomes the lens itself. Its like becoming blind with your eyes wide open and can still see everything as it is.
Nothing is being missed out. Be it conscious or unconscious, every little thing at all levels is recorded and nothing has been left or missed out.
Duality consists of truth and false. Every time there is a new You, it brings an illusion along and sends it to fight against the truth.
Eventually the illusion loses the war against truth and remains alone.
Its this perfect chaos which makes everything One.

The Catalyst

if there is a possibility of a question, then one must accept so that it is understood that the very question will have its branches. Who is asking, whom it is addressed, the source of the question etc. the mind ‘thinks’ that an answer can attached to it which may or may not become something like a universal theory.the mind ‘thinks’ that an answer can cut all its branches all at once.

if there is a possibility of a question, then one needs to accept the flow. Feel the silence.

So, if there is a possibility of a question, then one needs to accept the connection with the whole and ‘take a walk’.

every moment is connected. comparison of connection is all mind can play with at the most.
there is ‘so much’ to learn. when one is connected with the WHOLE then time ‘disappears’. moments are stream of span, indivisible.
then the notion of time in mind shows its real color. that it is mechanical.

Similarly humans also have its branches in a form of ‘body skin mask’. the task is to remove the mask all at once.
then one is being self and joins the flow. then word ‘shape’ loses its essence because you are shapeless the way existence is shapeless!

if one cuts all the branches then one is simply against the flow. it has to merge on its own.
then naturally one experiences the catalyst in the form of ‘feeling’, compassionate. And the natural electricity has merged ‘hydrogen’ and ‘oxygen’ to form ‘water’.

Similarly the question-answer needs to to dissolve in each other .
experiencing the bigger picture is the default state. one is ever ready to jump out or in any moment. consciously fragile. this is the very cup which needs to be filled.
you know very well that the fragile conscious cannot take much so you draw a line. Its simply a repetition.
The true direction is directionless. That is why there will be a possibility of a question.
Question will merge with the ‘witnessing’ and the answer is here.Image

Be awakened

It seems that majority of the world is asleep.
Doing all sorts of things ‘unconscious’. Like a sleep walker.
The truth is that everyone is born awake.
Its more like a default ‘state of mind’.
The more we move away from this default state of mind, more gap is created.
This gap is nothing but EGO.
The default state is a relaxed state, just like a baby in the womb.
We don’t need to try to remember what its like to be in the womb by thinking.
But by feeling oneness with the whole, one shall experience what it’s like to be awake again.
Its the ultimate clarity. Without this clarity, you are just a sleep-walker.
We do have a choice. To accept the one’s true self.
Acceptance is in fact the catalyst to BE.
So just BE ‘here’ and witness your evolving nature.

Let IT drop !

There is no need to use force.
Dropping and throwing aren’t different from each other.
One can simply feel oneness with the WHOLE and shall witness the connection.
When one tries to drop or throw, it simply comes back.
One knows this very well and hence requires no evidence.
Feel the connection and witness.
Let it drop naturally.